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British Gigantic Prix 2020 at Silverstone: F1 – dwell!

Right here’s the final placings, general standings to appear at but Hamilton is 30 aspects certain from Bottas.

Formula 1


After a fully loopy closing two laps, confirmation of Lewis Hamilton’s seventh steal at Silverstone

And the first one by crossing the road with a puncture!#BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

August 2, 2020

The podium trio keep in touch.

Formula 1

HAM: “Down the straight the tyre deflated and that turned into once a coronary heart within the mouth moment… I turned into once true praying to get it round. I turned into once if truth be told chilled at the tip. Bono turned into once giving me the tips (about Max). I’ve for sure by no methodology skilled something adore that on the last lap”#BritishGP

August 2, 2020

Formula 1

VER: “The tyres didn’t see sizable with ten laps to transfer. I pitted to transfer for the fastest lap but then Lewis bought his puncture! However P2 is a true form result for us and I’m jubilant with that”#BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

August 2, 2020

Formula 1

LEC: “It turned into once a extremely subtle crawl – we bought the most traditional result that we possibly could well additionally have today time. The auto is no longer operating to its likely but we’re jubilant with this podium”#BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

August 2, 2020

Charles Leclerc, the forgotten man who came third speaks

It turned into once a extremely, very subtle crawl. We have been very fortunate. We have accomplished the most traditional of what we’re going to get a map to enact today time. The efficiency of the automobile is no longer the establish we desire it to be but I am very jubilant.

The British and German national anthems ring out, as fat-hide notify is obeyed at some stage within the board.

Hamilton celebrates on the podium with the trophy.

Hamilton celebrates on the podium with the trophy. Photo: Frank Augstein/Reuters


Max Verstappen speaks

It’s fortunate and heart-broken. The tyres didn’t see sizable. Then Valteri bought a puncture Then Lewis bought a puncture. I am very jubilant with 2nd. It turned into once horny lonely attempting to see after the tyre.

Lewis Hamilton speaks

After I heard his [Bottas’] tyre went mine gave the impact ravishing so possibly it’s okay. The old couple of laps it turned into once OK, and down the straight it deflated. It turned into once for sure coronary heart within the mouth. You might want to perchance well possibly possibly additionally survey the tyre turned into once falling off the rim. I praying to get round, it virtually didn’t get around the last corner.


Hamilton has a survey at his tyre. It turned into once placing off the wheel. That turned into once shut.

Hamilton inspects his punctured tyre in parc ferme.

Hamilton inspects his punctured tyre in parc ferme. Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Photographs


That turned into once a seventh British GP steal for Hamilton, indubitably headed for his seventh world title, on the other hand it turned into once a shut-crawl thing. He practically suffered an analogous fate to Bottas right here. It’s a 30

Formula 1

LAP 50/52

Catastrophe for Bottas as he’s compelled to limp support to the pits from P2 with distress to his wheel

He emerges the general manner down in P12!#BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

August 2, 2020

Formula 1


Hamilton 📸









Vettel#BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

August 2, 2020

Verstappen takes 2nd as he takes the fastest lap. Leclerc took third and catastrophe for Bottas as he drops to 11th. Ricciardo turned into once fourth, and Norris fifth. Ocon is sixth, Gasly seventh. Albon had eighth. Stroll ninth.

The gargantuan query is whether Verstappen could well additionally have obtained that with out that pit cease? It seems his tyres had been OK. He bought the fastest laps but indubitably could well additionally have overtaken Hamilton on the last lap.

Lewis Hamilton wins the British Gigantic Prix!

52/52 Sainz has tyre concerns. Hamilton is advised to supply protection to his automobile as his tyres are in an analogous topic. Can he dangle on? Verstappen is four corners within the support of. Hamilton grinds home. Verstappen is now possibly to no longer beget shut him. Hamilton’s tyres placing off the wheel.

Hamilton wins the race.

Hamilton wins the crawl. Photo: Andrew Boyers/AFP/Getty Photographs


51/52 Verstappen can be found to pit to demand if he can region a fastest lap. Bottas’ concerns gave him a free hit. Bottas pits as Leclerc and a model of pass. Bottas is in 12th. Albon is 10th. Will Hamilton’s automobile enact the identical?

50/52 Bottas has long past. Oh no. His automobile is in each place and Verstappen has overtaken him. Drama! Bottas is support in third, the tread is off his tyre.

49/52 Stroll and Gasly are at every a model of and Gasly goes into ninth. Bottas is if truth be told struggling, and Verstappen has below six seconds to create up.

48/52 Bottas, who turned into once complaining about his tyres, has dropped support on Hamilton. Is Verstappen going so as to make the most. Raikkonen has an topic and somewhat’s dropped off his automobile.

47/52 Stroll has a dim and white flag for that Ocon clash. Albon items a fastest lap as he chases Vettel.

46/52 Ocon and Stroll clash again and Ocon goes into eighth. It goes to additionally have been inferior, but Ocon pulled support. Albon takes Giovanazzi and has heart-broken Vettel in his sights. In tenth is Gasly.

45/52 Albon takes on Russell and Giovanazzi in an strive and climb from 14th into 12th, and he will get into 13th as Russell is struggling.

44/52 Grosjean and Ricciardo’s incident will seemingly be investigated after the crawl. Grosjean is unexcited last so this will seemingly no longer have too great elevate out on his crawl – or anybody else’s.

43/52 Bottas’ tyres enact see blistered. Factual adore Hamilton. Trigger for topic? It’s possibly the general map down to Verstappen to position the cat among the pigeons.

Verstappen keeps the pressure on.

Verstappen retains the stress on. Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Photographs


42/52 Stroll and Ocon’s fight is restful the one to hunt. Vettel is support in 11th, and struggling. He’s had a nightmare weekend. He could well get 10th, but most fascinating because Gasly turned into once a mischievous boy.

41/52 Hamilton’s true front a trigger for topic? Appears a blister. That looks to be a likely cloud on the horizon. Bottas additionally seems concerned. Verstappen now has the fastest lap. Would possibly perchance there be drama within the last ten laps?

Formula 1


Albon = P17

Hamilton = P1#BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

August 2, 2020

40/52 Stroll is jumpy and telling his team so, and Esteban Ocon can overtake him soon, it seems seemingly. That’s the fight for eighth.

39/52 Vettel is support in 11th but seems to have been held off by Gasly. Extra industry for the stewards to home.

Vettel battles Gasly.

Vettel battles Gasly. Photo: Andrew Boyers/Reuters


38/52 Kevin Magnussen is talking, and sounds hugely disillusioned by that smash. He’s rooting for Grosjean his Haas teammate. “Factual gutted,” he says.

37/52 Grosjean, who has been operating on historical tyres, comes in to the pits. Photographs of the Ricciardo overtake puts him in likely crawl. The pit turned into once no longer sizable either, and he’s now in last divulge.

36/52 Antonio Giovinazzi of Alfa Romeo has a 5-2nd penalty for a security-automobile infringement. Grosjean handed by Ricciardo in the end because the Frenchman does his most fascinating – and rather naughtily – to succor off the Aussie. It doesn’t work and that will well have region the stewards’ nostril twitching.

35/52 Max Verstappen is asking his team to succor drinking. He’s bored as he has had something of a lonely crawl in third. He’s nailed on, barring a blow-out, to raise out in that divulge. Romain Grosjean is keeping off Ricciardo in seventh and having sizable stress-free available within the market.

34/52 Hamilton takes support the fastest lap. He and Bottas have been swapping those all crawl. Mercedes have the crawl all to themselves.

33/52 It’s no longer been a classic to this level. Twelve laps of a security automobile will enact that.

32/52 Bottas items a fastest lap again. He’s inner 1.4 seconds of Hamilton.

Bottas sets a fastest lap.

Bottas items a fastest lap. Photo: Dan Istitene – Formula 1/Formula 1/Getty Photographs


31/52 Some photos of Hamilton presentations true how hasty he is flying. Albon comes in for his 5-2nd penalty after which has his tyres to come on. He drops to last divulge within the discipline – 17th – we now have lost three for this crawl.

30/52 Verstappen is in third, manner earlier than Leclerc. There will not be any longer great action going down up on the front two rows.

29/52 Mike Bowen on the safety automobile: We’ve bought sooner Tuk tukks right here on Diani Sea go Kenya!” Bottas has true region a fastest lap in distinction, and shaved practically half of a 2nd off Hamilton.

28/52 Nico Hulkenberg is talking. “It’s disappointing, we didn’t arrange to starting up the automobile.” With any most fascinating fortune, he will get a crawl-in to the 70th anniversary crawl held right here at Silverstone. “It is what it is,” he says, the use of the champion glib phrase du nos jours.

27/52 Stroll and Ocon clash again. Ocon takes the long manner round and Stroll holds him off.

26/62 Grosjean has been warned over his clash with Sainz – a dim and white flag – any extra messing and he could well additionally just smartly get himself getting a penalty.

25/52 Grosjean turned into once handed by Norris to swap sixth for seventh. Hamilton is opening up his hole on Bottas – it’s as much as two seconds now.

Norris takes Grosjean.

Norris takes Grosjean. Photo: Andrew Boyers/Reuters


24/52 Lando Norris fancies a crack at Grosjean and will get past him at Stowe corner. Ricciardo is keeping off Stroll with some ease whatever the Australian no longer being jubilant with his tyres.

23/52 Hamilton’s advantage on Bottas is dropping a microscopic however the Mercedes are unexcited imperious. It’s round 1.2 seconds within the mean time and he has true region a fastest lap so all is smartly with the enviornment champion.

22/52 Sainz fancies taking fifth off Grosjean. He’s no longer jubilant with Grojean’s changing of direction within the braking zone. Sainz in the end speeds by.

21/52 Albon is up for a penalty – 5 seconds – because the stewards have determined he turned into once to blame for the Magnussen smash. It’s no longer been a true form day for him.

20/52 Romain Grosjean, who didn’t swap tyres at some stage within the safety automobile prolong, is in fifth but will must pit at some level. He’s true having fun with the high-tail for the moment.

19/52 Benefit racing: Hamilton goes a long way off from the front. The fight is between Ricciardo who holds off Norris who then makes an strive to transfer past Sainz. Sixth to ninth is the establish the action is. Sainz, Norris and Ricciardo are all inquisitive about the fight for sixth. Stroll and Ocon are combating over ninth.


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