Tuesday , October 20 2020

Coronavirus Australia stay update: Morrison pledges to rebuild economic system with out tax hikes, as Victoria reports 15 novel cases

A marathon two-day conciliation hearing sooner than the Perfect-searching Work Commission has did now not fetch to the bottom of the most contemporary waterfront dispute after container terminal operator Patrick rejected the Maritime Union of Australia’s formal peace offer.

In an up up to now offer to the company this morning, the union offered to prolong the rollover length of the existing workplace agreement to two years — offered a protracted length of industrial certainty — along with industry-customary 2.5 per cent a year pay rises.

The deal collapsed after the company insisted workers construct a different from considerably lower pay rises, or changes to the existing agreement that can perchance enable the big casualisation of the team, stripping away job safety through the COVID crisis.

Patrick talked about it would possibly well perchance maybe most effective internet the union’s rollover proposal — which would perchance perchance maybe maintain maintained the plan quo in the case of workplace rights and situations — if workers agreed to honest internet pay rises a elephantine 1 per cent a year under those being offered by assorted stevedores, in conjunction with Patrick’s co-proprietor Qube Logistics.

The FWC hearing into Patrick’s strive to stay workers from exercising their accurate kind excellent to undertake protected industrial action has been adjourned, and need to silent opt plan over two days from October 26.

The union will this afternoon write to the company voluntarily withdrawing all deliberate industrial action sooner than that hearing.

MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin talked about he used to be dismayed by the company’s rejection of an cheap and fine peace deal that can perchance maintain introduced this dispute to a as we mutter discontinue in the public curiosity.

“Our formal offer to the Perfect-searching Work Commission had no strings linked, it would possibly well perchance maybe merely maintain seen the existing workplace agreement that Patrick previously negotiated continue, resolving the most contemporary dispute and permitting a route of of accurate negotiation to birth,” Mr Crumlin talked about.

“The corporate rejected that offer, even when we offered to prolong it for 2 years, as an different insisting that workers both internet a gigantic prolong to the exercise of informal, moderately than permanent workers, or pay rises neatly under the industry customary.

“We is now now not going to honest internet a extremely-successful company utilizing the quilt of the COVID crisis to strip away the job safety of productive, intelligent-working whafies, changing quality jobs with precarious informal employment.

“Resolving this dispute requires compromise from each and each aspect.

The union did that with our offer of an exact peace deal, yet Patrick is as an different forcing workers to construct a different from sacrificing their job safety or dropping money.

“Despite these provocations from the company, and the failure to prevail in agreement, the union has agreed to stay all sorts of industrial action till the FWC hearing into Patrick’s strive to shut legally-protected industrial action can opt plan later this month.”

Mr Crumlin talked about the union would be vigorously defending the company’s baseless utility.

“Patrick’s dishonesty has been exposed in the media this week, and we state their accurate kind claims are equally flawed,” Mr Crumlin talked about.

“On Monday, the public used to be told there maintain been 40 container ships sitting off the NSW crawl succesful of dump, but by Tuesday it used to be optimistic there maintain been most effective one or two sitting off Port Botany, which is a unheard of mutter.

“On Monday, the public used to be told clinical supplies had been being held up, yet by Wednesday the CEO of Patrick used to be compelled to confess he wasn’t unsleeping of a single clinical container that used to be delayed.

“In the identical formula, this hearing will tell the company’s cross claims that minute, accurate kind industrial action used to be causing big delays for farmers, importers, and customers for the fraud they are.

“This also can tell the truth that Patrick has been utilizing this dispute as duvet to put in drive big increases to landside prices, blaming the union for what is clearly a administration pass to gouge additional money out of their possibilities.

“What we maintain seen today is Patrick administration continue to make exercise of the quilt of COVID and the team terror that incorporates it to attack the situations of their team, gouge revenue, and misrepresent their valid intentions.”


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