Tuesday , October 20 2020

Renault Kwid, Triber turn out to be dearer in India. Right here’s the up as a lot as now designate checklist

Renault India has revised designate checklist of the everyday Kwid and the seven-seat compact MPV, Triber. While the Triber has now turn out to be dearer by as a lot as 13,000, the Kwid will now be as a lot as 3,510 dearer to steal. Set for the price hike, nothing else has changed on the automobiles and each and each sport the identical reward mechanical and consolation functions.

The price revision at some stage within the variant checklist of Kwid has been stored the identical at 3,510. Listed below are the revised ex-showroom prices for the 2020 Kwid:

Standard 0.8-Litre – 3,07,800

RXE 0.8-litre – 3,77,800

RXL 0.8-litre – 4,07,800

RXT 0.8-litre – 4,37,800

RXL 1.0-litre MT – 4,29,800

RXL 1.0-litre AMT – 4,61,800

RXT 1.0-litre MT – 4,67,500

RXT 1.0-litre AMT – 4,99,500

Climber 1.0-litre MT – 4,88,700

Climber 1.0-litre AMT – 5,20,700

The Renault Kwid is accessible in two engine alternate choices – 0.8-litre and 1.0-litre. While the smaller unit has been featured with a manual transmission option, the larger 1.0-litre engine is on hand in each and each manual transmission and AMT alternate choices.

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Coming on to the seven seater MPV, Triber. The price hike ranges from 4,000 to 11,500. Right here is the up as a lot as now designate checklist:

RXE MT – 5,12,000 ( 13,000 hike)

RXL MT – 5,89,500 ( 4,000 hike)

RXL AMT – 6,29,500 ( 11,500 hike)

RXT MT – 6,39,500 ( 4,000 hike)

RXT AMT – 6,79,500 ( 11,500 hike)

RXZ MT – 6,94,500 ( 5,000 hike)

RXZ AMT – 7,34,500 ( 12,500 hike)

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On the coronary heart of the Triber MPV sits a 1.0-litre petrol engine which comes married to a five-drag manual transmission to boot to AMT unit which is elective.


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