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Steve Wozniak sues YouTube over Bitcoin scam movies

Steve Wozniak vs. YouTube: Wozniak's had enough with the YouTube Bitcoin scams.
Steve Wozniak vs. YouTube: Wozniak’s had ample with the YouTube Bitcoin scams.

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By Matt Binder

Bitcoin scams are causing replace headaches fair appropriate now. They’ve gotten so unhealthy that an Apple cofounder has sued YouTube thanks to them.

Steve Wozniak filed a lawsuit this week against YouTube over a string of Bitcoin scam movies hosted on the online page online. The flicks expend Wozniak’s title and likeness to trick viewers into sending Bitcoin to the scammers by promising they’ll in discovering sent even extra Bitcoin in return.

Wozniak’s attorneys fresh that whereas Twitter speedily responded to its possess Bitcoin scam supreme week, they accuse YouTube of doing nothing in negate to be taught off the movies.

Seventeen assorted victims of Bitcoin scams have joined Wozniak to sue YouTube. They need YouTube to straight capture down the movies and warn customers about these scam giveaways so that they’ll be performed without. They furthermore favor YouTube to pony up an undisclosed amount for damages.

In a press birth supplied to Bloomberg, YouTube acknowledged that scams and impersonations are against the platform’s policies and the firm works to capture away them when it detects these violations.

The on-line video huge has beforehand defended itself against identical lawsuits by arguing that the firm can not be held to blame for the explain posted by its customers below the federal Communications Decency Act of 1996. In standard, that rules protects publishers that host user-generated explain from being sued for what’s been uploaded to their platforms. 

Bitcoin scams have inundated most predominant social media websites in fresh years. A scammer on the whole poses as a notorious megastar or tech entrepreneur. While pretending to be this person, the fraudster will offer a straightforward money-making plot that entails sending the scammer Bitcoin. The scammer guarantees the sufferer that they’ll receive even extra cryptocurrency in return. The sufferer never receives the cryptocurrency and loses no matter amount that they had sent within the most predominant location.

A screenshot of the YouTube search results showing videos and livestreams of the Bitcoin scams.

A screenshot of the YouTube search outcomes displaying movies and livestreams of the Bitcoin scams.


YouTube scammers livestream or upload movies promoting these Bitcoin schemes, the expend of photos and video of Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and diverse tech luminaries in negate to trick viewers into sending the cryptocurrency to the scammer’s myth. There are a huge preference of pre-existing movies of Wozniak on YouTube discussing Bitcoin positively as a disruptive expertise so it’s somewhat easy for scammers to search out explain to make expend of of their fraud campaigns.

The Twitter hackers from supreme week furthermore old Musk’s and Gates’ accounts of their Bitcoin scam, which is very equivalent to the one old on YouTube. Twitter experienced the biggest attack in its history when a hacker (or perhaps hackers) took over dozens of verified accounts in negate to tweet out a Bitcoin scam. The hacker walked away with round $120,000 in Bitcoin in precisely a few hours.

Curiously, Wozniak’s lawsuit heralds Twitter for the actions it took, in particular when when put next to YouTube.

“That identical day, Twitter acted like a flash and decisively to shut down these accounts and to offer protection to its customers from the scam,” reads the lawsuit received by cryptocurrency recordsdata outlet CoinDesk. “In stark distinction, for months now, Defendant YouTube has been unapologetically cyber web hosting, promoting, and without delay making the most of identical scams. YouTube has featured a valid stream of scam movies and promotions that falsely expend photographs and movies of Plaintiff Steve Wozniak, and diverse illustrious tech entrepreneurs.”

These Bitcoin scams are clearly now now not going away. Genuinely, the scammers are getting even extra brazen as shown by the Twitter hack. Platforms the place these scams unfold favor to step up efforts to cease them. Whether Wozniak’s lawsuit will if truth be told transfer the needle remains to be viewed.


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